Voice & Vocal Programs

Course Description

young girl singing in classroom with her instructor watching and guiding her.

Students registered in the Aptitude Voice Program and in the Regular Voice Program, aged 8 years to adult, will begin their vocal training with the FULL VOICE™ Workbook Series for all beginner vocalists.

The FULL VOICE™ Workbook Series is a music lesson curriculum for the young vocal student that assists in the development of healthy vocal technique, strong vocal abilities and musicianship. This workbook series was developed for vocal students working with a vocal teacher in private instruction.

Learning to sing properly is a very important aspect of vocal training. New students will learn essential basics of singing such as: proper singing posture, proper breathing techniques and how to take care of your voice.

You and your instructor will choose the songs you would like to sing and which are best suited for your unique voice and level of development. As well, using the FULL VOICE™ Workbook Series your lessons will also include Technical Exercises, Sight Singing, Ear Training and Theory.

Aptitude Program Highlights, Fees & Lesson Details