Voice & Vocal Programs

FULL VOICE™ Program (for use by all students)

The FULL VOICE™ Workbook Series has been developed without a bias toward any one kind of music. It is a workbook that breaks down basic musical concepts to develop strong vocal ability and music reading skills.

Researched and developed for singers who are studying with a vocal teacher, the FULL VOICE™ WORKBOOK SERIES organizes technical, ear training, sight singing, music theory and performance exercises in concise weekly lessons.

All lessons have been developed to be flexible to the individual teacher and student. Most lessons can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes and leave ample time for repertoire development.

This program was designed for school aged students and adults who are working with a teacher and will compliment any private vocal lesson.

Every workbook includes:

  • Technical Exercises – you will be introduced to many different and challenging exercises to develop breath control, range and agility.
  • Sight Singing – utilizing the tonic sol-fa method of sight reading each level introduces new keys, time signatures and rhythmic challenges. Tonic Sol-fa is an amazing tool for singers of all ages. Using the hand signs is a fun game for young singers. Tonic Sol-fa aids in developing confidence and independence without relying on the piano (or any other instrument or vocalist) for assistance.
  • Ear Training – the vocal student is challenged with listening skill activities that focus on singing and identifying intervals, chords and scales.
  • Theory – every workbook includes theory assignments and graded reviews to assist in the development of musicianship.
  • Performance – performance related activities and assessments are found in each workbook. These provide useful feedback for students, teachers and parents.