Violin Programs

The Royal Conservatory of Music; Violin Series, Third EditionĀ®

girl palying the violin with her instructor.

For intermediate and advanced students the Violin Series, Third EditionĀ® offers nine volumes of interesting and challenging Violin Repertoire. You will be introduced to a broad spectrum of composers, musical styles, periods, genres, and pedagogical challenges. Working with a qualified instructor you will follow a systematic and progressive approach that ensures that musical concepts and skills are introduced at the appropriate level.

Two companion volumes to the Violin Repertoire books include scales, arpeggios, double stops, and studies/etudes for all levels of study from the Introductory Level through Level 8. The Third Edition has been expanded to include a wide selection of studies/etudes at each level compiled from both standard literature and contemporary compositions.

The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum is recognized by the Manitoba Board of Education. Manitoba high school students in grades 9 to 12 who meet the grade and exam requirements are eligible to receive up to four additional credits at the high school level.