Piano Programs

The Royal Conservatory of Music;
Celebration Series Perspectives®

This modern piano teaching method is the most widely used and recognized piano music program in Canada. It is the series of choice for teachers and students seeking a truly enriched learning experience. At Tauber Music, all piano teachers have RCM training and follow the RCM program in order to give their students the best piano training available.

Celebration Series Perspectives® is a comprehensive and progressive series featuring an outstanding selection of piano literature with supporting teaching materials. With pieces ranging from the Baroque era to present day, the repertoire books are the ultimate resource for examinations, recitals, festivals, competitions, auditions and for enjoyment.

The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum is recognized by the Manitoba Board of Education. Manitoba high school students in grades 9 to 12 who meet the grade and exam requirements are eligible to receive up to four additional credits at the high school level.