Little Mozarts Level Two

Course Description

A group of kids in a classroom sitting at and playing their keyboards.

Level Two is for young children beginning GRADE TWO in school.

In a small class atmosphere, students and teacher interact to stimulate your child's interest in music and develop skills needed to play a musical instrument.

Studies indicate that playing and listening to music at a young age improves learning, memory, reasoning ability and general creativity. Research also supports the theory that young children who are exposed to music develop enhanced cognitive skills.

The Little Mozarts program will teach your child to read and understand music through creative activities designed to motivate young children and through piano-keyboard training.

Since 1981 this very popular program has seen thousands of young children learn to play the instrument of their choice and enjoy the benefits of a music education.

Program Highlights

  • Keyboard playing (individual and group)
  • Ear & rhythm training
  • Note reading and writing
  • Music theory
  • Educational games & activities
  • Ensemble playing (beginner)
  • Performances