Little Mozarts Level One

Group Lesson Benefits:

There are several benefits to young children who spend the early years of their music education in a group lesson. Here are a few:

Rate of progress – group lessons provide consistent progress. Following prepared lesson plans that always include new material, students must practice and learn in order to keep up.

Skills – students in group lessons will learn the same material as a private student of the same age and will have a better chance of completing the material in a shorter time due to the motivation a group provides.

Variety – group lessons offer more variety in lesson material and more activities to participate in. Students will stay interested and enjoy their lessons more.

Time & Money – group lessons are typically twice as long as a private lesson and the cost of a group lesson can be 25% less than a private lesson.

Motivation & Interest – learning with your friends plus exciting lesson plans make learning fun. Students in a group lesson will practice more willingly between lessons and look forward to their weekly class.

Playing in a group and becoming a well-rounded musician is not an opportunity that all students will have.

When playing with others, a good musician learns to focus on his or her own part within the group yet still be able to listen and perform with the group as a whole. During group lessons, young students develop strong musicianship skills and a level of confidence that will benefit them later in school and life.